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pet paw print impression mold and photo

A Lasting Impression

Pet paw print impression mold and photo.


Your pet’s paws are so special. When they jump up to greet you, offer their paw for a treat, or just hold your hand, they melt your heart. Your pet’s paw-print is unique and is one of the things you will miss the most when they are no longer with you.


Our new paw imprint set makes taking a 3-dimensional impression of your pet’s paw simple and easy, so you can keep it as a permanent reminder of your pet – A Lasting Impression.


A Lasting Impression in a black case, which fit a 15 x 10 cm (6″ x 4″) photo. Each has an oval tray containing “air dry” impression material which does not require heat or chemicals to set. The impression material is soft and easy to use, non-toxic and safe for both animals and the people who love them.


The finished imprint has superb definition, so you can see and feel the texture of the pads and see the indents made by claws and fur.


A precious memento at the end of your pet’s life or a record of your growing puppy or kitten – or anywhere in between – your pet’s paw-print will be a keepsake your family can treasure.


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