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custom personalised cremation ash scatter tube urn

Personalised Scatter Tubes

We are now offering families the opportunity to create their own unique urn to honour their loved one.


Simply provide your own photos/image/text to your funeral director.  We will then work closely with your funeral director to design your urn.  We will provide them with a proof for your approval, before we print and produce your personalised scatter tube.  This will then be couriered to your selected funeral home.


Things to think about when designing your urn.


Photos in landscape format are best if you wish to cover the entire scatter tube with one image.


Portrait images can be digitally framed and centred on the front of your urn. An additional landscape image or plain colour is required as a background.


If you have more than one image that you would like to use, we offer collage templates for 3, 8 or 28 images.


Words such as your loved one’s name and dates, or a special poem or quote, can be used in your design. You can choose either the great Vibes or Raleway font.


Urns are available in three sizes, to suit individual family needs.


The large 04 size fits an adult’s ashes.  The small 01 size is perfect for sharing ashes amongst family members.  Keepsake 00 size is ideal for keeping a small amount of ashes.


Our scatter tubes are simple to use, featuring a removable lid and push tab that opens to release the ashes for scattering.  


Sizes available 


00 Keepsake 9cm H, 3.6cm D, - 65cc

01 Small 13.5cm H, 7.5cm D, - 380cc

04 Large 32cm H, 13.1cm D, - 3790cc


Please contact us for any enquiries.

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