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pet cremation ash urn custom personalised

Personalised Pet Scattertubes

Personalised pet custom cremation ash scatter tube urns.  With simplicity in mind.  Eco friendly - made from 100% recycled cardboard that is also biodegradable.   Available in four sizes to suit individual pets needs and allow for remembering a special loved pet. 


Simple to use.  Features removeable lid and push tab that opens to release the ashes for scattering.  


Available in 4 sizes

00 keepsake 9cm H x 3.6cm  65cc

01 Small 13.5cm x H 7,5cm 380cc

02 Medium 22.5cm H x 7.5cm 690cc

04 Large 32cm H x 13.1cm 3790cc


Please contact one of our stockists to order.


    Felt textured fine art paper wrap is UV coated to inhibit fading.   Made using non-polluting, wind generated electicity it is Cholrine free, acid free and carries the Green Seal Eco Label.

    Avoid placing in direct heat or sunlight.

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