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cremation urns with flowers - forget-me-not

Meadow forget-me-not

Original scatter tubes designed with simplicity in mind. Our urns are an affordable environmentally friendly option for families.  These urns are made from recycled cardboard and are biodegradable.

Available in three sizes to suit individual family needs, so you can remember a loved one in a special, personal way.


The large 04 size will fit an adult's ashes, the small 01 size is perfect to share the ashes with family. Keepsake 00 size is designed to keep a token amount of ashes and can also be used to store mementoes of your loved one.


Simple to use, featuring a removable lid and a perforated opening to release the ashes for scattering.


Sizes available 


04 Large  32 cm 

01 Small 13.3 cm 

00 Keepsake 8.9 cm


Note:  colours may vary slightly from pictures shown.


Please contact your local funeral director for further information.

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