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Ocean Surf Wave

Ocean Surf Wave

Our Coastal Urn collection is New Zealand made and designed.  With the environment in mind, the designs are inspired by the unique and natural beauty of New Zealand.


Our wooden cremation urns are polished with beeswax and available in two handcrafted finishes - naturally oiled or white wash.


The timber for the wooden urn is grown, milled and manufactured in Southland.  The collection of images is by Otago epoxy resin artist and photographer, Michele Newman.  Each print is specially coated with a layer of protective epoxy resin, creating a beautiful high shine, ultra-glossy finish.


We also offer custom urns with personal photos and text.


Sizes available 


Available in two sizes


Large urn - 326mm x 136mm x 136mm

Small urn - 184mm x 106mm x 101mm


Note:  colours may vary slightly from pictures shown.  Image ©starfishphotos


Please contact us for any enquiries.

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