New Zealand made Eco Collection scattering tube urns.  Inspired by our beautiful country.  We wanted to create New Zealand made products to enhance our current urn/keepsake range.  Working with local artists to create products that represent us as New Zealander's, and that benefit our local communities and environment.  A subtle yet elegant tribute to a loved one.  Made from 100% recycled biodegradable cardboard with a UV coated textured felt paper wrap design to inhibit fading.  Available in limited edition designs as well as a custom image option.  Available in three sizes to suit individual families needs and allow for remembering a loved one in a way that is special to them.  The large 04 size will fit an adults ashes.  The small 01 is perfect to split some of the ashes amongst familiy members to share.  Keepsake 00 size is the perfect choice to take small amount of ashes abroad to scatter at a favorite place of a loved one. 


Simple to use.  Features removeable lid and push tab that opens to release the ashes for scattering.  


Sizes available 


04 Large  (32 cm )

01 Small (13.3 cm )

00 Keepsake -  (8.9 cm)


Note:  Colours may vary slightly from pictures shown.  Image ©starfishphotos


Please contact us for any enquiries.

Lake Hayes


    Felt textured fine art paper wrap is UV coated to inhibit fading.   Made using non-polluting, wind generated electicity it is Cholrine free, acid free and carries the Green Seal Eco Label.

    Avoid placing in direct heat or sunlight.


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