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Willow Coffin

Our willow coffins and caskets are handmade from year-old willow saplings, making them a great environmentally friendly choice. Every coffin is woven into a unique teardrop shape and has three strong seagrass handles on each side. Natural fastenings make the coffin both secure and kind to nature.


Unbleached calico fully lines the coffin's interior, including its lid, and it has matching calico headrests and veils. A double plywood integrated base is fixed to the underside of the coffin. This allows it to move steadily along running tables and helps to maintain its rigidity. Our willow coffins have been successfully tested for weight bearing, using their natural rope and seagrass handles, up to 150kg. 


All coffins are suitable for both cremation and burial. They are non-toxic to the environment because they are made from natural products without the use of plastic, glue or metal. Being handmade also means no industrial machinery or power tools are used.


Our willow coffins are available in a range of adult, child and infant sizes.


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